Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yankees Defeat Red Sox 5-4 In Extra Innings

Ok, so this post is long overdue, but I had family in town and I basically haven't used my computer since Saturday.

I was at the extra innings game where the Yankees banded together as brothers in order to defeat the Red Empire (that's right, I called those Bostonians commies, what are they going to do about it?). It was a great game. What transpired afterwards was more interesting.

Because of where we were sitting we had to exit through gate 4A. For those of us looking to ride the B or D train, that means pretty much walking all the way around Yankee Stadium since they blocked off the other approach. This one kid was asking the cops if he could go past the barrier to more easily get to the subway station. The cop was saying no and the kid, probably mid 20s, was trying to point out that it would be much faster not to walk around Yankee Stadium. The kid was not yelling, he was not drunk, he was not disrespectful, but for having the shear balls to suggest that walking all the way around Yankee Stadium to get to a point about 100 yards away was at least inefficient the cop put him in hand cuffs. The exact thing the cop shouted at him was, "Show me your I.D., I tell you what to do, you don't tell me what to do." Then he cuffed him. I appreciated the way the pause between "show me your I.D." and the 'I'm the boss here' line was exactly zero seconds. Seemed unnecessary. Hopefully they just detained him and then told him to be on his way, but if they arrested him, that's bullshit. Arguing with a cop is not a crime, especially if you're not belligerent.

Then, we saw Posada drive out of the player parking lot in his white Audi. A short while later Jeter drove out in his Ford Expedition. With Florida plates of course. Classy move by Jeter to drive the car he sponsors, at least in that very public venue. Both players waved to the crowd as they screamed their names. I thought I saw Billy Traber drive out too, but it's hard to say because I don't really know what he looks like.

I got home around 1:45am. There's nothing you want more than to be stuck riding the New York subway system that late at night, but there was a surprisingly large number of people on the trains even at that advanced hour. I frankly didn't realize how late it was until I looked at my watch. The number of people around made it feel earlier. That doesn't, however, change the fact that night games in NYC shouldn't start at 8pm, even for ESPN. If the game goes long, which Yankees-Red Sox often do, or into extras, people are forced to be riding public transportation at an hour that is less than 100% safe. Something to think about.

Today the Yankees again won in the tenth, this time off Abreu. Now that we know the Rays are indeed mortal, we must go for blood. I suggest mailing mean spirited letters to Tropicana Stadium. With their feelings hurt, they won't be in first place for long.


Anonymous said...

i was at tonights game.. good game.. sir sidney can only and i mean ONLY go 5 no if's and's or but's. i dont care if he is throwing a perfect game. i had a strange feeling that if abreu did not get a hit the boo birds would be out. not me personally. i dont really like booing for the guys i root for.. by the way. red sox fan sitting behind me and was basically verbally degrading monument park donnie baseball, and my personal hero thurman munson(my middle name is thurman). he hurt my feelings. but i held my tounge to his ignorance because i know an argument would be a wast of time.. lets start stringing some wins together. go yanks!

Anonymous said...

todays game **

Anonymous said...

Spirited letters like "Jonny Gomes is a GNOME" postcard?

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

we had some Sox fans escorted out by police during the game. I assume they were drunk, but mainly because they're boston fans, not because I have cause to believe that.