Monday, June 20, 2011

Cubs Weekend Recap

The Good

Last night the Yankee bats came alive scoring 10 runs off the Cubs including a Nick Swisher blast that drove in 3 runs. Freddy Garcia pitched well Friday night despite getting the loss, and AJ Burnett put up a decent start before he was taken out because of an error by Nunez. He was taken out with only 1 out in the 6th, but through those 5.1 innings he had struck out 8. We walked out of this series going 2-1.

The Bad

Mariano Rivera gave up a solo homerun in his relief outing on Saturday lending credence to the argument that he may actually be human.

The Ugly

On Saturday, Carlos Pena barreled into Russell Martin on a play at home. It was a hard hit, but Martin hopped back up, ball in hand. "I've definitely been hit harder." Explained Martin. "Jetta's definitely hit harder, and I'd even say the Toyota Matrix hit me harder than that too." When asked what he was talking about, Martin explained. "To prepare for the season, I play human frogger across busy streets. It toughens me up for those homeplate collissions. I just sprint across the street with a ball in my glove and I make sure its still in my glove when I'm hitting the pavement. Why do you think I've been on the DL so much?"

Point well taken.

Babies Love the Longball

For each homerun hit, babies get $2 donated to the Children's Health Fund from the RJG. This weekend, Gardner and Swisher hit homeruns adding $4 to the coffers.

Mark Teixeira 21hr = $42
Curtis Granderson 21hr = $42
Russell Martin 9hr = $18
Alex Rodriguez 13hr = $26
Jorge Posada 6hr = $12
Robinson Cano 13hr = $26
Andruw Jones 4hr = $8
Brett Gardner 4hr = $8
Nick Swisher 7hr = $14
Derek Jeter 2hr = $4
Francisco Cervelli 1hr = $2
Eduardo Nunez 2hr = $4
Ramiro Pena 1hr = $2
Total = $210

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