Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend with the Rockies

The Good

We took 2 games, and saw the offense come alive scoring 8 runs on Saturday and 6 runs last night. Teixeira now has 23 homeruns after hitting jacks in both weekend games. Sabathia went 8 innings with 1 run on Saturday keeping the Rockies bats at bay. Granderson did not hit a homerun this weekend, but on Friday he was walked 3 times and stole 2 bases. We are seeing the development of a very complete player. A-Rod drove in 3 runs on Saturday, despite the revelation that he is playing with a hurt knee, in addition to a hurt shoulder, and a surgically repaired hip.

The Bad

Burnett wasn't what you would call sharp on Friday. 5 walks and 7 hits with 4 runs were the results after 6.1 innings. The final line of 6.1 innings and 4 runs isn't terrible, but when you adjust for the fact that we were playing the Rockies, that line looks embarrasing.

The Ugly

Granderson has fallen behind in the Jose Bautista homerun race, and now Mark Teixeira has tied Bautista at 23. If Granderson doesn't pick up his pace he may end up with a paltry 37 homeruns this season. Like a jerk.

Sunday Was a Good Day for the Babies

On Sunday, Mark Teixeira, Nick Swisher, and Jorge Posada all hit homeruns to add $6 to the Children's Health Fund's homerun club. Add Teixeira's Saturday homerun, and we're at $8 for the weekend. A good weekend for the babies.

Mark Teixeira 23hr = $46
Curtis Granderson 21hr = $42
Russell Martin 9hr = $18
Alex Rodriguez 13hr = $26
Jorge Posada 8hr = $16
Robinson Cano 13hr = $26
Andruw Jones 4hr = $8
Brett Gardner 4hr = $8
Nick Swisher 9hr = $18
Derek Jeter 2hr = $4
Francisco Cervelli 1hr = $2
Eduardo Nunez 2hr = $4
Ramiro Pena 1hr = $2
Total = $222

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