Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Chien-Ming Wang Dilemma

There are many who think the Yankees are doing wrong by Chien-Ming Wang by calling him up and making him sit in the bullpen with no clearly defined role, like 19 game winner. But these individuals have it all wrong. While sitting in the bullpen Wang gets to do his taxes, work on his English, think of baby names, catch up on all the classics, practice his magic tricks, and contemplate the deeper questions facing the human condition. So sure, point out the obvious. Wang is a pitcher, a good one at that, and his talent is being wasted. But he's growing as a human being. Isn't that what this is all about. If it's between pitching every five days and reading Immanuel Kant, I'm sticking with Kant, and I think Wang would agree. So please, don't make him the victim. We should count ourselves so fortunate.


Anonymous said...

You are an ignorant writer!

Steve said...

Now Chien-Ming, don't be like that.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Haha, perhaps Anonymous Wang is unfamiliar with our sarcasm.

Roberto Alejandro said...

hmmmm, sounds like Anonymous Wang is the ignorant one, because s/he has never read Kant s/he can't appreciate the wonderful position Wang finds himself in.

Anonymous said...

Anny Wang could be the same guy that would fill Pete Abe's comment box with "what's up with Chien-Ming Wang?"
Nobody ever responded to him, which I thought was kind of rude, but that's a kind of rude bunch in there, and Pete would do an update on him every other day or so.

Obviously he confuses your comments about Emanual Kant with your camments on Emanual Ramirez and doesn't want his boy studying HIM!