Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pitching Notes from RJG

This last off season was quite eventful with the Yankees landing Sabathia, Burnett, and Teixeira, but the one blunder committed over the off season seems to be the multiyear contract of Damaso Marte. Signed before he reached free agency, the Yankees beleived that the market for left-handed relievers would be intense and therefore commited 3 years and $12 million to him. So far, he's been awful. But here's the thing, he wasn't even that good last year either. The Yankees were paying him for what he had done with the Pirates, and who really cares what he did with the Pirates? He's not getting it done with the Yankees and now he's injured. He's had his moments, but the contract he was given was far too large. The Yankees overpaid, and now our bullpen sucks.

Former Tampa Bay lefty, Casey Fossum is now pitching for Scranton and has a 2.05 ERA in 7 starts. I know we probably have him there in case we need a starter later in the season, but maybe we should give him a shot in the bullpen. Or maybe not, who knows.

Kei Igawa may be the best career minor leaguer we've ever signed.

David Robertson was recently called up to replace Brian Bruney. He throws heat, but often fails to get outs. It kind of reminds me of Ross Ohlendorf whose been having a relatively succesful season with the Pirates. Perhaps we shouldn't give up on Robertson just yet.

We should give up on Edwar Ramirez.

Even though he gave up the only run last night, Aceves is probably our best reliever now that Bruney's gone.

Coke could be really good if he could become more consistant. 4 homeruns in 19.1 innings doesn't help either.

Mariano Rivera's velocity is still down, but he's getting outs. Instead of relying on velocity, he's been relying on swagger, and its working.

The Yankees should make a trade for an established reliever like Huston Street. The bridge to Mariano Rivera is much like the Tacoma Narrows bridge only with less support now that Bruney's gone.


She-Fan said...

Casey Fossum is terrible!!!!!!!! I'd trade for Huston Street though.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, but who knows, starters are different pitchers when they relieve, and seemingly horrible starters turn out being great relievers. Just ask Mariano Rivera.

Roberto Alejandro said...

the theme here is that success for the pirates says nothing about your ability to play in the AL East.

Chris said...

Jason Bay seems to have handled the AL East ok.

Roberto Alejandro said...

nobody's talking to you Chris. Just kidding. Touche.

Fernando Alejandro said...

It only works with pitchers from the Pirates and the AL East.

Raven King said...

Yankees fans need to show injured pitchers more respect.
Or they'll quit this team and become Aces of rival teams--just like Carl Pavano.