Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will Huff Get Plunked?

A lot of discussion over whether Joba will try to end Aubrey Huff's career tonight for his fist pumping antics. Personally, if Huff had hit a home run off me and then fist pumped, I would want to strike him out and then fist pump. Joba likes to throw inside, however, and he may go after Huff. But here's why I disagree with that: The guy's name is Aubrey. He's suffered enough. Aubrey? Seriously? WTF?


anonymous number two said...

I hope so!

Chris said...

Jobaa got plunked instead lol!

Roberto Alejandro said...

Ironic indeed.

Anonymous said...

Did Rivera fist pump when he struck him out to end the game?

I can't think of anything stupider than a fist pump controversy.

Raven King said...

Huff needs to grow up.

Raven King said...

The CRAPPIEST baseball news!

Fernando Alejandro said...

You know, Mariano didn't fist pump, but Cervelli did, and he did it in front of Huff. Maybe that can be the new rivalry.

Raven, that's hilarious! Though in fairness, I wouldn't want to stay in a haunted hotel either.

Anonymous said...

Having to "watch" a game on's Gameday really bites
But at least it's realtime, prety much.
I realy like Cevelli. Hope he don't get kneecapped.


Raven King said...

Cevelli is good.
But I'm still madly in love with Joe Mauer.
I want Hank to kidnap him ASAP!!!