Friday, May 15, 2009

Time to Check-In with Brian Cashman

With the Yankees about to begin a 10 game home stand, we thought it a good time to get on the old satellite video phone and call up Yankees GM, Brian Cashman. Below is a transcript of the conversation:

BC: Hello?

RJG: Well if it isn't Bronny Cash bothering us at home. What do you want?!

BC: You called me.

RJG: You think you're so smart, don't you Bronny? Well, why can't you put a decent team together? Why don't you put down your copy of Moneyball, and just build us a winner already?

BC: It's not that simple. I think we have a good team, we just haven't played to our ability yet. We've had a lot of injuries and there's little you can do about that.

RJG: You could try to get younger.

BC: Look, what am I supposed to do? Replace Jeter? Posada? If I did that I'd get crushed for insulting the greatest Yankees who ever lived according to fans who've probably been drinking since they woke up. We are trying to develop players but it's not as easy as calling up a bunch of 22 year olds. There are the realities of the differences between AAA and major league ball as well as politics.

RJG: Well, your bullpen sucks, and that's on you.

BC: Well, actually, I think it's on you.

RJG I never though about it that way.

BC: You're welcome.


There you have it folks. Cashman can't make the team younger because of politics, and the bullpen failure is apparently our fault. Interesting.


Steve said...

I didn't think Cashman knew how much power RJG has. I think it's time to unleash this power. Over the past week you have posted and given links to, many complaints that the fans have about the new Stadium. It is time for the fans to show their displeasure on a national telecast. On June 13, the Mets travel crosstown to the house that Trost built, for the Fox game of the week. Now I know that RJG could not get all the fans to boycott the game. For some, it might be the only game all season they are going to. So I suggest that the fans from the upper decks and bleachers stay outside until the first inning is over. I'm sure Jack Buck and Yankee hater Tim McCarver would drool over the aspect of reporting an empty stadium before a nationwide audience. At the start of the second inning the cheap (lol) seats would fill and the fans could enjoy the Yankees. Well guys, the ball is in your court.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Welcome back Steve! Our biggest issue with the new stadium was the Yankees not allowing kids down to the field level to get autographs. They've since changed their stance on that, so I feel our boycott was a success.