Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We've already postponed two games due to rain this season, and now the life giving substance threatens yet another one tonight. Since there's no games to write about I thought it may be a good time to discuss Derek Jeter's switch to the lead off position. So far, we like it.

And that's the award winning style of journalism the RJG is known for.

I hope we get this game in today. Back-to-back rainouts will be harmful to fan morale.


cheshirecat9 said...

At least New York won't have to wory about a drought like we did a few years ago.

anonymous number two said...

It is only slightly more acceptable to go two days in a row without baseball due to weather than it is to lose two in a row. Raining now and worse is expected tomorrow.

Derek hitting lead off seems to be working fine, but since I am no (baseball) stat head, who knows? But then why doesn't Joe always stick with it?

As for Joe G. (watching his remarks on the Alex book yesterday), he seems to be a few bananas short of a bunch. He and Alex should car pool to therapy together or at least load up on (non-PEDs) meds.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I'm just tired of hearing about A-Rod. He needs to just come back and start hitting some homeruns. And the post-PED A-Rod better be capable of driving in runs or the Yankees should look for a breach of contract clause to get out of this 10 year travesty.

Honestly, I think us fans would be willing to put all of A-Rod's nonsense behind us if he can come back and play good baseball.

Roberto Alejandro said...

it's interesting how a few days ago all the headlines were about how A-Rod was almost ready to come back, and now they seem to be slowing down his rehab. I suspect they want to let this blow over a bit.

TribeGirl said...

Ummm.....he's been post-PED ARod for 5 years now and clearly quite capable of driving in a crap-load of homeruns. Don't let the media circus get you pissed at ARod all over again. Everyone knew this stupid book was coming out for a long time and we've all had a long time to get over it. Of course the media hasn't, but the fans should know better. Especially since Selena Roberts isn't cooperating with anybody. Have I mentioned I hate her and would like to cage fight her with no boxing gloves gangster style? I'd even cheat and pull her hair! Anyway, just yesterday, everybody was missing Alex and anxiously awaiting his return....

Raven King said...

To be honest, I'd rather watch Ozzie cage fight Manny no boxing gloves gangster style. But I totally agree that Selena Roberts should leave our dear Alex alone. Go Write something about someone else. Like Brian Roberts. Or Julia Roberts.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Selena Roberts book on Julia Roberts' PED use is forth coming.

Tribegirl, that's if you believe that he stopped using PED's when he came to New York, and honestly, he hasn't been the most truthful person to discuss his PED use. Either way, I don't really care, I just want A-Rod to come back and hit.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the comments on Pete Abe's site yesterday, re: the robert's book. They've christened her "the Creature."
Pete Abe seems to be the only one in media that defends her. Even her colegue at SI that reviewed the book said (to paraphrase) "The bitch is full of shit.".
Oddly enough, that's the consensus of everybody involved with the Rangers when he was supposedly tipping pitches. And all she'll say is "You can trust me. Because I never lie. And I'm always right."
I still wonder how she can even find a job after her Duke hatchet job.

TribeGirl said...

I forgot how to do the link thing, but check out this article by Jason Whitlock - he appears on PTI and Around the Horn sometimes.

Here's a quote:

“Some of the accusations in the book are based on anonymous sources, and others are simply presented as knowledge the author has without an explanation of how the information was obtained.”

Translation: the majority of the stuff written in her book is information the National Enquirer might reject.

I report - you decide.
Really though, I'm with everyone else. I just want him to come back and crush some baseballs!!!