Monday, May 4, 2009

Phil Hughes Needs His Training Wheels Back

The Good

Teixeira hit two home runs today. And while that runs up RJG's deficit, we can officially declare his slump over. I was at tonight's game, and his home runs were definitely the highlight. That and when Sox fans would get thrown out like they were Joe Girardi.

The Bad

Where do we start? No one seems to be able to catch up to Papelbon's fastball, Hughes threw more pitches in four innings than he did all last year, Posada hurt his hamstring (again), and Derek Jeter looked sloppy in the field. Whatever, he's still hot.

The Ugly

The strike zone was not even close to consistent. Essentially, if a Yankee threw a pitch, it was a ball; and if a Red Sock threw a pitch, it was a strike. Girardi should've gotten thrown out for punching the umpire, not for arguing balls and strikes. There has to be some review board the team can complain to about umps like that. Absolutely ridiculous.

Respect Jeter's Gangster in Danger of Closing Its Doors

As you all know, our relationship with Johnny Damon's Home Run Club has nearly bankrupted us. While we have renegotiated our labor agreements with the unions, we are still waiting for Congress to authorize the Obama administration to use TARP funds to help us avoid bankruptcy. If RJG were to file for Chapter 11 it is unlikely that the recent economic turnaround would continue; too many jobs and mortgaged back securities are at stake. Johnny Damon hit a home run tonight, and Marky T hit two. I think hitting home runs for your own charity is collusion; Selena Roberts is investigating.

Jorge Posada 4hr = $4.00
Hideki Matsui 2hr = $2.00
Derek Jeter 4hr = $4.00
Mark Teixeira 5hr = $5.00
Nick Swisher 7hr = $7.00
Robinson Cano 5hr = $5.00
Johnny Damon 5hr = $5.00
Melky Cabrera 4hr = $4.00
Jose Molina 1hr = $1.00
Total = $37.00

If you are interested in Johnny Damon's Homerun Club or the Children's Health Fund you can find links to both at the top right hand corner of our page.


Raven King said...

Dearest Alex,
We really need you back. Badly.

Raven King said...

Isn't it sweet for Alex to say something so positive and encouraging about his teammate?
"I thought I was going to get a little more (fielding) work today with Wang pitching," said A-Rod, who played the field for the first time since his March 9 hip surgery, "but he kept striking everybody out.Wang was good. He wasn't up (in the zone). His changeup and slider were good."

Fernando Alejandro said...

The team will be in better shape if he can come back and produce. The Marky T/A-Rod tandem could be a powerful force in our lineup.

anonymous number two said...

"... and Derek Jeter looked sloppy in the field. Whatever, he's still hot."

but is he still gangster?

TribeGirl said...

Yeah, but God help Alex if his first ten hits aren't home runs, especially in front of a home crowd! Seriously, he has to be a hitting machine, or his sensitivity radar is going to go off the charts, and that's not good for anybody!!!

Roberto Alejandro said...

Jeter is always gangster.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alex is going 1 for 6 daily against pitchers that can't make a minor league team.
"Ready" must mean someth8ng different to me.
And now it's Molina day in and day out.
'Scuse me.
I'm just a little depressed.
Maybe we're seeing the Return of Tex? It's been funny watching teams pitch around him to get to Matsui. Go Godzilla!


Roberto Alejandro said...

Hopefully Alex doesn't take too long to get back to hitting they way he can. Regardless, the threat of A-Rod could still help Teixeira a lot.

TribeGirl said...

You know what would be fabulous in a sick sort of way??? If the whole pitch tipping thing included our beloved gangster, Captain Intangibles! The whole city would go nuts and drink the Kool-Aid and the only people left standing would be the 22 Mets fans...

Sorry, just a thought. I really love the Yankees #2. I do!

Raven King said...

Here's Captain Intangibles's only possible involvement with the pitch tipping scandal:
He always tipped Youk the Ugly Troll to put his head in the direction of the coming 100 MPH high fastball from Joba.