Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jerry Meals Had Show to Catch

I recently got a look at the Yankees Dollar blog, which has this post that shows the Gameday strikezone of home plate umpire Jerry Meals. Apparently, Meals got a lot of calls wrong. But before we get all upset over Meals' strikezone, we should allow Meals to explain himself.

"I was prepared for a 7:05 start time, and the game didn't start until 9:00. They were doing a Golden Girls marathon starting at midnight, and I hadn't set my Tivo thinking that I'd be home by then. Well, when the game got started at 9:00, I was like 'oh crap, I'm going to miss Golden Girls!', so I knew I needed to call some quick strikes if I had any chance to watch it."

But why was Meals only calling strikes against the Yankees and not the Red Sox?

"Because (Expletive Deleted) the Yankees, thats why!"

So there you have it. Meals had a completely reasonable and sober purpose behind calling the strike zone the way he did. The good news is that he won't be behind home plate tonight.

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Raven King said...

In that case, we'd better ship him to some remote Florida nursing home surrounded by gator-infested swamps.
I really won't mind him calling the strike zone in front of the TV there.