Friday, May 29, 2009

Yankees Take the Top Spot

Because I am moving from New York City tomorrow, and my brother will be here helping me, this post is being filed at 2:30am. It is accurate, I think.

The Good

Pettitte won his fifth game, and Mariano saved it, the 58th time that has happened, a new record. After today's game, the Yanks are alone atop the AL East standings. Posada, who just came off the DL, went 2-3 with a double.

The Bad

We didn't hit particularly well with men in scoring position, but we won, so who cares?

The Ugly

Pettitte left the game in the sixth inning due to injury. After a pitch that was far outside and out of the reach of his swinging bat, a frustrated Victor Martinez charged the mound. Pettitte unleashed the most vicious punch the Jake has ever seen, knocking Martinez out cold. The Cleveland players, who had spilled out of their dugout, stopped cold in their tracks and backtracked. Pettitte yelled, "are you not entertained?" at the stunned Cleveland crowd. He then went to step back on the mound, but hurt his back when he tripped over Victor Martinez, who was still laying there. He should make his next start.

Keeping it Simple because It Is Late

No home runs today.


Chris said...

Bring back Jake the Muss

Jill said...

"Q: Other guys on Gary Sheffield's All-Gangster team?

A: Derek Jeter. . . . I've been on deck when he's gotten hit and I was like, "It's no way he's gonna stay in this game, let alone play this week." He's back at shortstop throwing the ball like nothing ever happened. That's my No. 1 infielder."

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's pretty fantastic.