Monday, March 10, 2008

Yankees Clubhouse Restless

Two days after Francisco Cervelli was bowled over and left a game with a broken forearm, the Yankee clubhouse has become restless. Our "Respect Jeter's Gangster" inside man has reported that the Yankees are looking forward to the coming game with the Rays. Among some of the things witnessed in the clubhouse were Joba Chamberlain painting his face in camo colors, Kyle Farnsworth sawing off one of his shotguns, Ian Kennedy sharpening the tips on his brass knuckles, and Joe Girardi had his WuTang Clan's greatest hits album blasting from his boombox. Shelley Duncan was busy hammering nails into his bats. Our inside man approached Duncan and recorded the following conversation:

RJG: "Isn't that a little over the top for a squabble with the Rays?"

Shelley Duncan: "What squabble with the Rays?"

RJG: "You know, the whole thing with Elliot Johnson and Francisco Cervelli?"

Shelley Duncan: "Who the crap is Francisco Cervelli?"

RJG: "Seriously? Your catcher? The one who got injured in the game against the Rays? I know for a fact that you were playing first base when it happened."

Shelley Duncan: "Posada got injured when we played the Rays?"

RJG: "No, it was Cervelli."

Shelley Duncan: "Who?"

RJG: "If its not for that, then why are you hammering nails into your bats?"

Shelley Duncan: "Who said they're mine?"

Morgan Ensberg: "Has anyone seen my bats?"

So there you have it. The Yankee clubhouse is restless and wants blood. Johnson better remember to duck.

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Anonymous said...

There might be a smoking gun at the crime scene, but it won't be mine. Ho Ho Ho.