Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is How We Get Benevolent: RJG Edition

Since the start of our blog two+ years ago, we at the RJG have been all about the children. As a third year participant in the Yankees homerun club, the RJG is committed to donating $1.00 for every Yankee homerun hit this season to the Children's Health Fund. The Children's Health Fund is an organization that provides health care and advocacy to underserved children in the community.

This year the CHF would like to get new members into the homerun club. Members in the homerun club pledge an amount they would like to donate for each homerun hit by the Yankees this season. There are several member levels starting at 50 cents per homerun hit. Upon some of the benefits you will receive from this donation are the following:

-A small token of appreciation from the CHF.
-A tax write off.
-A Clear Conscience.
-The knowledge that you're at least as benevolent as the RJG.

The RJG would like to encourage you to make a pledge to the homerun club. If you cannot commit to a per homerun donation, please consider making a flat donation. Every dollar helps!

Now, to show how important this is to the RJG, we are going to take the unprecedented (used loosely) step of increasing our donation to (drum roll).........$2 for every homerun hit this season! Since the CHF does not currently have a member level of $2 per homerun, we are going to make it up. Our $2 donation is now the RJG level of giving (by our definition not by CHF's). Anyone who commits to giving $2 per homerun this season gets a thumbs up from the RJG. Literally. The authors of this blog will take a photo of us giving a thumbs up, and post it on the blog just for you.

All that being said, let me just point out that we are not affiliated with the CHF outside of being participants in the homerun club. They may even be fairly embarrased by this post. But our intentions are to get you involved. Consider donating to the CHF in any way you can, and lets pull for the Yankees to smash some homeruns. We will continue to track the number of homeruns and our increased donation level to the CHF at the bottom of every game post.


Rich Mahogany said...

I'll see your $2 per home run and raise you some extra enthusiasm about children's health. I'm in!

Now I'll be twice as enraged about every slump.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Haha, we can share the double enragement. Thanks for getting in on the CHF fund raiser. I never know if these posts do any good, so I'm glad to see your extra enthusiasm.

cmcfeely said...

Fernando - We are overwhelmed by this post! Thank you not only for being a loyal member of CHF's Yankees Home Run Club, but for helping to spread the word about CHF to your readers. Thanks to donations like yours, CHF programs are able to help thousands of medically underserved children across the country. Go Yankees :)

Rich Mahogany said...