Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yanks Beat the Indians, 'Cause They're Racist Like That

The Good

Phil Hughes remembered how to pitch, going seven strong innings. Curtis Granderson remembered how to run. Cano went 3-4 from the clean-up spot. As best I can tell from today's coverage, he was awarded the batting title and silver slugger for 2010 after the game. Teixeira continues to play stellar defense. Also, Nick Swisher got engaged. Sorry ladies.

The Bad

Yankees beating Indians? This is the most offensive match up baseball can conjure up. Somebody's getting sued.

The Ugly

In the fourth inning, Chad Moeller called for a cutter but Hughes shook him off. For his next sign, Moeller just gave Hughes the finger. A single tear rolled down Hughes's cheek. He never shook Moeller off the rest of the game, but the lewd gesture continued to shake him. So sad.

By The Power of Greyskull!

Swisher gave the Yanks the lead with a two-run shot in the second. Cano hit a grand slam in the seventh. "I didn't really need to hit a grand slam," Cano recounted after the game. "But I did anyway. You know, just to be mean."

Two home runs means the CHF is getting $4 from RJG. Feeling guilty about your lack of philanthropy yet? Good. Now go sign up to donate and enter the raffle already.

Posada 6hr = $12
Granderson 2hr = $4
Cano 10hr = $20
Swisher 9hr = $18
Jeter 5hr = $10
Johnson 2hr = $4
Rodriguez 6hr = $12
Teixeira 7hr = $14
Thames 2hr = $4
Gardner 2hr = $4
Winn 1hr = $2
Miranda 2hr = $4
Total = $108


Steve said...

Just for you lady gaganonymous, This was the most runs the Yankees have scored in a while. Bench Cervilli and keep playing Moeller

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

That reminds me of what my brother wrote in the Good section of this game post from back in 2008.

Fred Trigger said...

Well, you can call me Al(Paul Simon reference, anyone? He is part of the charity). I put up a quick post about your charity and Ben will be posting reminders to everyone throughout the week. Its awesome that you guys are doing this! Like I said, email all the big time writers and this thing will take off!

Jon Roberts said...

The Cowboys play the Redskins twice a year. That's a pretty racist matchup. Also anytime the Chiefs play is a racist matchup. I know it's not baseball, but the Chiefs in particular bug me.

Unknown said...

It could have been worse. The Yankees could have handed out blankets laced with Yellow Fever.

Roy Halladay threw a perfect game!!! said...

What a way to lose a winnable game.
Thanks a lot, Alex, as usual, it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

Roy Halladay threw a perfect game!!! said...

BTW, here's the title for your next post:
The Indians Beat the Yanks, 'Cause It's POETIC JUSTICE.