Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vazquez Pitches, 'Nuff Said

The Good

The offense scored six runs. Mitre pitched well in relief. Andrew Marchand of ESPN asked whether the Yankees should skip Vazquez when they go to Boston. He chose my response as the best, my proudest Twitter moment. . . and moment in general.

The Bad

Javy pitched, which is always bad. Dave Robertson is pitching like he misses his friends in AAA, and Marte is pitching like he wants the Yankees to invent another injury and put him on the DL again.

The Ugly

After Javy left the game in the fourth, RJG caught up with him to discuss his struggles so far. Javy was surprisingly open about his performance.

"I know I haven't pitched well," said Javy. "But I'm still adjusting to the American League. In the NL you get to face pitchers, and the Padres. Here, you only pitch to the best. Also, hitters in the AL aren't blindfolded, which has cut down my strikeouts. It doesn't help that you can't call do-over in the AL either. And in the NL, any pitch that reaches the catcher is called a strike, but here they call balls as well as strikes, which is a little unfair. It just makes for a different game."

The False Hope

Swisher hit a go-ahead home run in the sixth. David Robertson and Damaso Marte were both jealous, because they don't get to hit, so they worked hard to give up the lead.

Posada 5hr = $5
Granderson 2hr = $2
Cano 8hr = $8
Swisher 2hr = $2
Jeter 4hr = $4
Johnson 1hr = $1
Rodriguez 2hr = $2
Teixeira 2hr = $2
Thames 1hr = $1
Total = $27


Jon Roberts said...

I've been more forgiving of Vazquez than others but I am officially sick of him. I know Melky is off to a bad start but I liked rooting for him and hate that Vazquez is stinking it up while the Melkman can't deliver.

At least he got to grow a beard.

lady gaganonymous said...

I pretty much totally agree with Jon Roberts. Though Melky wasn't ever a favorite of mine, honestly.

Rob B said...

It's interesting that Javy has had better than a 100 ERA+ for every team he's pitched for...except for the NY Yankees.

Maybe he just can't hack it in NY?

lady gaganonymous said...

Rob, he has no fastball right now and his offspeed stuff is incredibly inconsistent. Unless NY somehow took away those, it doesn't have anything to do with NY.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

It's possible that NY took his fastball and offspeed stuff. When I lived in NY, NY definitely took at least one of my umbrellas, so we shouldn't discount the theory just yet.