Friday, May 28, 2010

Winn Designated for Assignment

With Curtis Granderson coming off the DL and the Yanks needing to make a move to clear a roster spot, Randy Winn was designated for assignment earlier today.

"It's the worst part of my job," lamented Girardi. "This one was particularly awkward too. He's like a twelve year vet. Everyday player. This has never happened to him before. I'm all, 'Winn, you've been designated for assignment.' And he's all, 'Okay coach, what do you want me to do?' I just stared at him. 'What's the assignment, coach.' So I'm like, 'I'm not giving you an assignment, you've been designated for assignment.' And he's just, 'So you don't have an assignment for me? Why am I here then?' Then Cashman walks in with this karaoke machine, but I took the cd from him before he could pop it in. Then Cash goes, 'Hey Winn, I guess your new name should be Randy Lose. Get the hell out of my clubhouse! What am I doing in Cleveland?' That's when it sunk in. It was pretty awkward."

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