Thursday, September 1, 2011

At Least the Rotation Pictures Coming Into Focus

The Good

We scored 5 runs off Becket (4 earned). Jeter got a couple hits driving in a run in the process. No Bothan spies died during the game.

The Bad

Despite the 5 runs, the Yankee offense never really got going. We had 6 hits all game, and no homeruns. Not even one from Granderson who has lost his tie for league lead with Bautista's 2-run shot yesterday.

The Ugly

A typical big league rotation has a staff ace, a solid 2, a scrappy 3, a rebounding or declining 4, and a really old or really young 5. The Yankees rotation has a staff ace, and then a cast of number 3's and 4's. This is good for the regular season, but horrifying for our post season hopes. We currently don't have a stopper, or even a big game pitcher with big game stuff past Sabathia. Garcia is a big game pitcher, but his game has been reduced to deception, guile, malicious winks, and confusing riddles. Hughes did little to help this rotation question with his 5.2 innings of 6 run ball. If the post season started today, you'd probably be seeing Sabathia, Colon, Garcia and Nova. And that's not fair because Sabathia doesn't speak spanish, and will feel left out of the post season rotation banter. The good news is that we still have a month of baseball, and if any one of our 6 starters get hot, it can help solve our post season rotation question. The bad news is that we still have a month of baseball, and any one of our 6 starters could really pitch like crap.

Yankees Say No to Babies

No homeruns means not a single dollar is donated to help babies get better. The Yankees better make up for that today. My prediction? Homeruns from Swisher, Teixeira, Granderson, and lets say Jeter. With Burnett on the mound we'll need every single one we can get.

Mark Teixeira 35hr = $70
Curtis Granderson 38hr = $76
Russell Martin 17hr = $34
Alex Rodriguez 14hr = $28
Jorge Posada 12hr = $24
Robinson Cano 23hr = $46
Andruw Jones 11hr = $22
Brett Gardner 5hr = $10
Nick Swisher 21hr = $42
Derek Jeter 4hr = $8
Francisco Cervelli 2hr = $4
Eduardo Nunez 4hr = $8
Ramiro Pena 1hr = $2
Eric Chavez 1hr = $2
Total = $376

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