Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The King Dethroned

The Good

Phil Hughes pitched 6 innings allowing just 1 run. If he can maintain his consistancy he could very well usurp Burnett for a spot on the post season roster. And speaking of usurping, King Felix got rocked to the tune of 6 runs in 6 innings. Teixeira and Dickerson homered, as Dickerson had one of his best games of the season going 2-4 with 2 RBI's and a stolen base. Also good, Austin Romine got his first big league hit.

The Bad

Though Austin Romine got his first big league hit, he has yet to get into his first big league fight. "I don't know when it will come." Explained Romine. "Will I charge the mound? Run in from the dugout? Will I have to throw a punch, or just shove people? I just don't know what my first big league fight will look like."

The Ugly

Scott Proctor pitched in relief of Hughes and gave up 2 runs. Proctor has made 3 appearances with the Yankees and has given up at least a run in each of them. However, since Proctor threw 102.1 innings in releif for us back in '06 he gets a free pass with me.

Would Someone Please Think of the Children?

Dickerson did. As did Teixeira. $4 more for the babies at the Children's Health Fund.

Mark Teixeira 37hr = $74
Curtis Granderson 39hr = $78
Russell Martin 17hr = $34
Alex Rodriguez 15hr = $30
Jorge Posada 12hr = $24
Robinson Cano 24hr = $48
Andruw Jones 11hr = $22
Brett Gardner 6hr = $12
Nick Swisher 22hr = $44
Derek Jeter 5hr = $10
Francisco Cervelli 3hr = $6
Eduardo Nunez 4hr = $8
Ramiro Pena 1hr = $2
Eric Chavez 1hr = $2
Jesus Montero 3hr = $6
Chris Dickerson 1hr = $2
Total = $408


Uncle Mike said...

It's a good thing you don't have to take money away from the children for every home run the Yankees give up, what with Scott Proctor being back.

I also used "Dethroned" in my blog post title today. I also used "Off with his head!" Competitively speaking, of course, not literally. I had considered "usurp," like you did, but I have some very immature readers who might have thought it was THAT kind of word.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I typically write my blogposts with medieval documents handy to draw inspiration from. It really came in handy with my word choice today! I'm liking how the Yankees are playing these last couple days, but I'm still not convinced about this rotation in the post season. I think Sabathia, Nova and Colon are locks at this point, but do you pick Hughes or Garcia as the 4th starter? Hughes has improved of late but Garcia has done it all season. When either of them are bad, they tend to be really bad. Burnett isn't even on the radar.

Rich Mahogany said...

While Felix was dethroned, Proctor should be defenestrated, as should Girardi for continuously using him. With younger guys like Brackman in the pen, there's no reason to use Proctor at all, even in garbage time.

As for the rotation, let's just say I don't want to see Hughes or Garcia starting a must-win game, although I'd go with Garcia if I had to choose. Hughes' good performance against the Mariners doesn't mean very much, considering that the Mariners hit like they live in the Dead Ball Era.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Maybe Proctor has the same photographs of Girardi that he used to blackmail Torre with. What else explains his appearance in every game?

And I agree, I'd go with Garcia, because I think he won't break under pressure despite his subpar stuff. I think Hughes up against the Red Sox or Rangers could be a solid 2+ innings performance with 7+ runs.

Rich Mahogany said...

Proctor still has just the Torre photos. He has told Girardi that if he doesn't get playing time, he will make Girardi look at the photos.

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