Monday, September 19, 2011

Toronto, eh?

The Good

We took the second game with some good hitting from Granderson and A-Rod who each hit a homerun and drove in 5 of the Yankees 7 runs. Proctor finally pitched a scoreless inning, and of course Mariano Rivera tied Trevor Hoffman's 601 saves.

The Bad

We lost two games, the second with our Triple A lineup playing. Not for nothing, but you can't take Granderson and Teixeira out of the same game you play Pena and Dickerson.

The Ugly

We had Sabathia, Colon and Garcia pitching in this series and not a single one pitched a complete 6 innings. Two of them couldn't even qualify for a start because they couldn't lock down the 5th. In total, these three starters gave up 13 runs off 22 hits. I'll accept a down game, but we need these guys sharp for the post season.

A Weekend of Losses Still Benefits the Children

Granderson hit his 40th homerun of the season, while A-Rod showed why he's still a threat even with a messed up thumb with a homerun of his own. Eric Chavez also hit a homerun off of Blue Jays pitcher Ewan McGregor making 3 homeruns for the babies at the Children's Health Fund.

Mark Teixeira 37hr = $74
Curtis Granderson 40hr = $80
Russell Martin 17hr = $34
Alex Rodriguez 16hr = $32
Jorge Posada 12hr = $24
Robinson Cano 26hr = $52
Andruw Jones 11hr = $22
Brett Gardner 6hr = $12
Nick Swisher 23hr = $46
Derek Jeter 5hr = $10
Francisco Cervelli 3hr = $6
Eduardo Nunez 4hr = $8
Ramiro Pena 1hr = $2
Eric Chavez 2hr = $4
Jesus Montero 3hr = $6
Chris Dickerson 1hr = $2
Total = $420

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