Monday, July 2, 2012

Floyd, Pierzynski Have Heated Exchange

RJG has broken many stories over the years. From Kei Igawa's threat to pummel one of Hank Steinbrenner's prized steeds, to the existential crisis posed by Boston's signing of Ryan Sweeney this past winter, RJG has been a relied upon and trustworthy news source for all things baseball.

Recently, Gavin Floyd and A.J. Pierzynski exchanged some words on the mound as Floyd exited a losing effort against the Yankees. Pierzynski is not a well-liked player, and one could easily chalk this one up to Pierzynski's simple unlikability. We at RJG, however, have higher standards than that. Using state of the art technology (beer), we have analyzed the tape and discovered what transgressed between the players. The following is a word for word transcript of what took place on the Yankee Stadium mound.

Floyd: The mandate is clearly a tax increase on middle-income Americans.

Pierzynski: Why don't you go cry to your John Roberts poster.

Ventura: AJ, that's uncalled for.

Floyd: I'll never forgive you for this!

Floyd was left fuming in the dugout. At the end of the inning, Pierzynski walked right past Floyd, seemingly ignoring him. As he walked past, Floyd can be seen yelling the words, "Ginsburg's concurrence in part relies on inapplicable case precedent!" It is unclear if, or in what way, Pierzynski responded.


Rich Mahogany said...

Pierzynski should know by now that you don't want to get Floyd started about the Commerce Clause. What kind of battery mate is he?

Anonymous said...

I like their knowledge of jurisprudence.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. What a waste of my time.

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