Monday, July 9, 2012

RJG Responds to RJ's Comments

Reggie Jackson was recently quoted questioning A-Rod and Andy Pettitte's accomplishments due to their PED admissions, as well as the Hall of Fame credentials of a future Lifetime premiere movie event. Now, Jackson didn't say anything that wasn't true; A-Rod and Pettitte's numbers clearly carry the stain of their PED admissions. What he did do, and what may upset some, is that he voiced his opinions in his usual d@*kish manner. Now, to be fair, Jackson's always been d@*kish. It may be his only personality trait. So I find it odd that Yankees brass is now barring him from team events. He's basically been the same guy since he first joined the Yankees in 1977, now he's barred? I don't want to start a 'Reggie being Reggie' sort of thing but I just don't think you can hire someone universally known for being d@*kish and then bar him from team events when he acts thusly. Fin.


Rich Mahogany said...

Based on the picture in this article, there is no need to bar Jackson from team events because he has been embalmed.

Rich Mahogany said...

I can't remember any other example of a player in the HOF saying that others players don't belong in the HOF. His statement that HOF members won't show up if ARod gets inducted was just unpleasant and arrogant, as if he was instructing his fellow HOF members not to come to the induction.

He buys into the same cliches that sportswriters and fans use. Pettitte is ok because he admitted to and apologized for PED use, but ARod is forever tainted (even though he also admitted to and apologized for PED use). Jack Morris was the most dominant pitcher of his era (even though he never won a Cy Young and Blyleven had much better numbers). If someone asked him, I presume he would have no way to explain why he thought Morris was the best pitcher of his time or why he doesn't consider certain players HOFers.

Of course the Yankees fought d@*kishness with d@*kishness by banning him. It's not like he made a racial slur or said women shouldn't be allowed to vote. He voiced some opinions about baseball.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks:

I can't stand Mike Lupica.
He's best buddies with Fred and Jeff Wilpon and a Boston College grad, main reasons he's been trashing the Yankees for the last 20 years.
But we have a chance to get back at him with immediate gratification.
He has a radio show on ESPN (1050 am and 98.7 FM) every weekday from noon to 1 p.m. EST. You can also listen online at
And of course, he continues to bash the Yankees - always mentioning payroll, killing A-Rod, trashing Reggie and Yanks today, saying the Mets are the best New York team etc..blah. blah.
Let's all call him at 1-800-919-ESPN (3776) as much as possible and get on his Yankee-hating!
He's been flustered by some angry Yank fan calls. We can get him good! Let's do it!