Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yankees Down Sox, Sox Still in Recovery

The Good

The Yankees won 10-3 led by big blasts by Raul Ibanez, Russell Martin, and a grandslam by Curtis Granderson.  Phil Hughes, who's been a very competent pitcher of late, gave us 7 innings of 3-run ball.  Ichiro played his first game as part of the rivalry and had this to say about his experience: "I thought the rivalry would be more competitive than this, no?"

The Bad

Chavez got hit on the shin by Mark Melancon.  The Yankees retaliated with a grandslam.  Melancon was very upset: "Getting hit by a pitch leaves a bruise for a few days, my ERA is for life!  What will I tell my kids?  One day they'll be old enough to use the internet, and there will be next to my name an 8.59 ERA.  That was uncalled for, and the Yankees owe me an apology."

The Ugly

The Yankees did not issue an apology, and Melancon was not pleased.  He stayed up all night sitting next to his phone waiting for Granderson to call.  I suspect he will not be available to pitch today.

The Ravages of War

BOOM!  CRACK!  SPLATTER!  There were 6 homeruns hit in yesterday's game, 3 by each team, but the Yankees 3 carried more value for in addition to driving in 8 runs, they also provided $6 for the children the way Abner Doubleday envisioned when he invented baseball on the back of a bar napkin while George Washington and the Continental Congress looked on in approval.  That's why its America's pastime.

Raul Ibanez 13hr = $26
Nick Swisher 14hr = $28
Andruw Jones 12hr = $24
Derek Jeter 8hr = $16
Curtis Granderson 28hr = $56
Alex Rodriguez 15hr = $30
Robinson Cano 22hr = $44
Mark Teixeira 19hr = $38
Eric Chavez 8hr = $16
Russell Martin 11hr = $22
Jayson Nix 3hr = $6
Dewayne Wise 3hr = $6

Total 153hr = $312

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