Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping the Lights On at the RJG

Here at the RJG we like to make sure that the children are supported.  That's why we donate $2 for every homerun hit by the Yankees to the Children's Health Fund.  But then the Yankees go ahead and have a year like they did, and all of a sudden we owe $490.  This is where investing our money wisely pays huge dividends, and what better place to invest than in online sports gambling sites.  Yes, following in the footsteps of Pete Rose, and the 1919 White Sox, we make our money the old fashioned way. 

You see, gambling on sports is not just limited to March madness, though that might be the time that sees the highest occurence of gamblers who don't know anything about what they're gambling on.  It can be a year round thing, boxing, baseball, football, underground cat fighting rings, and basketball keep Las Vegas running all 365 days a year.

So if you are looking to gamble, and don't know how to count cards, consider sports to be the honorable venue to place your bets.  Just make sure that you gamble things like your beer money, and not your life savings.  That way if you lose it, you actually become a more responsible and sober member of society. 

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