Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RJG Solves the A-Rod Dilemma

There has been a lot of talk about whether to drop Rodriguez in the line-up. This is a sensitive issue. We all remember that when Torre did it, A-Rod cried for so long that Torre had to write a book about it just to sift through all the unresolved emotions.

That was then. A-Rod was still a feared hitter. This is now. A-Rod can no longer catch up to a low 90s fastball. He looks like he gets beat by most off-speed pitches. Then he talks about putting together good at-bats.

Here's the thing, good at-bats that end with weak ground balls are bad at-bats. A postseason Major League lineup is no place for a guy who can't catch up to Freddy Garcia's best fastball. In fact, no Major League line-up is a place for someone like that. You know what is a good place for someone like that, though? The RJG blog offices.

Think about it. A-Rod could blog about the playoffs while competent players participate in it. He gets to feel self-important as millions of readers flock to his column, while simultaneously not suffering the embarrassment of hitting behind Eduardo Nunez.

There. RJG has solved the A-Rod dilemma. You're welcome.


Rich Mahogany said...

This is a great idea. It would spare ARod the embarrassment of making $114 million over the next five years just to cement his legacy as a washed-up player with just one good postseason (no one counts 2004 as a good postseason for any Yankee). The pay at RJG may not be quite the same, but what price glory? A substantially lower price.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Glory is funny that way. I will say this, at least ARod is still seeing a lot of pitches in his at-bats, unlike, say, Curtis Granderson, who seems to be attempting to keep the stadium's electric bills low through the magic of wind power.

Rich Mahogany said...

Maybe pinch hitting Ibanez for ARod was the first step toward bringing RJG's plan to fruition

Fernando Alejandro said...

I would like to see Jayson Nix play for A-Rod. Not only does he look excited to be in the post season, he also has a name that sounds like a country singer, which I'm sure counts for something in post season play.