Friday, October 26, 2012

Keeping the Lights On Revisited

This is a great time of year, the World Series is on, the hot stove season is getting primed, and the Yankee offense has given us alot to think about over the next few months.  This hot stove season could see two major approaches: one, dump everyone, and two, keep just about everyone except Swisher and Soriano.  As infuriating as the ALCS was, the first option is a really bad idea.  We have a lot of cost controlled players, and by cost controlled I mean that their contracts are so large that their trade potential is controlled by it.  Plus, two of our players are playing for contracts next season: Granderson and Cano.  That could very well motivate them to go full force.  Though more intelligent discussions on this matter will be had, and re-had throughout the winter, the fact of the matter is, we would have a hard time getting anything of value for these guys because they're both under one year deals, and I don't know that we'll want to get rid of them when they could very well come back with something to prove.

As always, A-Rod and his ridiculous contract will always bring him, well, ridicule.  But its not his fault that Hank Steinbrenner was bamboozled.  I blame that on Hal.  I mean wouldn't you sign the largest contract in baseball if it was offered you?  But now the Yankees need to commit to MLB Betting to best make up the difference on that deal.  He's signed through 2017, and he'll be a .230 bench player, making $20 million.  Fair?  No.  But it is the Yankee way.  Just as selling ads to keep us posting in our spare time is the RJG way.

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