Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keeping the Lights On Fiercely!

As some of you may know, we ran into some money issues when we mis-planned our budget for our website.  Currently, the budget for the website looks like this:

$500 - Children's Health Fund Donations
$800 - Yearly Video Phone Payment (For Calling Brian Cashman)
$5,000 - Respect Jeter's Gangster Office Rent
$1,500,000 - Paid subsidy to the Yankees for A-Rod's contract.

So far this year, our yearly income looks like this:

$8.63 - Found in Couch.

So as you see, we've run a slight deficit.  However, looking at the Yankees reminds us how bad it could really be.  I mean, we could have committed to paying $114 million to A-Rod between 2013 - 2017. Or $14 million to Rafael Soriano for next year.  Or $8.5 million for the next couple years towards a player who doesn't even play for us (Burnett). 

Now that we feel better about ourselves, we now offer you these words from our advertisers: look at players rewards cards. Especially if you're into gambling online.  If not, just remember how lucky you are to not have A-Rod as a line item in your budget.  Unless you're Hal Steinbrenner.  Then you should feel pretty awful.

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