Friday, October 26, 2012

Keeping the Lights On Revisited Part 2

You may have asked yourself, how do I gamble on baseball like a pro?  Well, the RJG is always happy to provide help with these greater philosophical questions.  To this end, we point to Expert MLB picks, where you can get expert advice on who to gamble on, and then you can at least say you got advice before you blew your life savings.  Its kind of like when you spoke to your broker in 2001 and they told you about all these amazing bank stocks in Washington Mutual, Bank of America, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae that they assured you would make you a fortune.  Then to round out your stock portfolio, they said that Chrysler was a sleeper pick, and its always good to invest in mortgage insurance companies.  When you asked about Amazon, and Apple, they said that companies that begin with the letter A never do well.  And today, your left gambling on sports teams to make up the deficit in your retirement fund.  Its kind of like that.

So in the future, if your significant other asks how you picked the Tigers to sweep the World Series, you can tell them that it was the experts!  Then they'll love and trust your money management abilities and general life skills.  There's no down side to this plan.  None.

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