Sunday, February 10, 2008

4 Days, 4 Players: Bobby Abreu

Everyday until spring training begins the "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog will review one player from the Yankees roster. We will review a total of 27 players, the 25 we believe will be on the active roster after spring training, and 2 we believe should be on the active roster but won't be for one reason or another. Our reviews are all edited by Carl Pavano himself to insure they're up to the stringent "Pavano Tough" standards.

Acquired prior to the expiration of the trade deadline in 2006 Abreu has proven to be a serviceable outfielder. He does, however, leave a number of things to be desired. Abreu has a great arm in right field, which he uses often since he's not going to be diving or running into the wall to catch balls, he'd rather chase it down and throw it in. Abreu has also not shown the power many hoped he would. And while he often manages to find a way on base, he was a very streaky hitter in 2007. The Yankees picked up Abreu's option for 2008 if only because the $16M price tag in this year's free agent market was a bargain. But I suppose that determination can only be made accurately at the end of the year.

Fearless Prediction:

Abreu's May batting avg: .124; Abreu's June batting avg: .531. wtf?

Little Known Fact:

Bobby Abreu is actually an above average golfer who tees off regularly with the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on his own personal golf course in Venezuela.


Adam said...

Sorry to kill your buzz of the hate comment, but I think this blog is awesome.

Fernando said...

We appreciate the love. I hope you keep checking back with us. This stuff is no fun if people don't read it!

Anonymous said...

they picked up abreu's option as insurance if A-Rod wasn't coming back. If we lost Abreu & A-Rod then the Yankee batting lineup would have NO power hitter.

Joey said...

yea, the blogs is awesome, thanks for taking the time everyday to write it! Anonymous, I don't know if you could use "power" to describe Abreu since that HR derby... more like walk and pitches per plate appearance

Fernando Alejandro said...

Abreu lost his homerun power for sure, but he still has some gap power. He had 40 doubles last season, but his OBP dropped last season as well. He has a career OBP of .408, and last season he went .369. When he's on though he takes a lot of pitches and draws those walks. Last season he just seemed flat for long periods of time. Hopefully, we'll see more of the OBP monster that he is next season.

And thanks for the encouragement on the blog!

Anonymous said...

that wtf made me lol

Roberto Alejandro said...

I'm glad the wtf got a good reaction. I had second thoughts about including it, but in the end I think we can all agree that I did the right thing.