Friday, February 22, 2008

Seriously?! Sean Henn?!

According to Pete Abe Sean Henn was among the pitchers that impressed Girardi today. Honestly, you can't be serious. Sean Henn may have single handedly caused global warming with the frequency of his trips from AAA to The Show back to AAA. I know Girardi speaks to Torre regularly and asks for advice, I didn't realize Torre had placed some sort of spell on Girardi to make him think, as Torre does, that this kid will ever amount to anything more than a really really good AAA pitcher. He's not cut out for the majors. We've already seen this play out. I know you read the blog Girardi, don't do this to us. He's just not that into pitching well in the majors.


Anonymous said...

Not disagreeing here, but last year he had 28K's in 36 innings. Not too terrible. However, he also walked 27 in the same amount of innings pitched. He also allowed 44 hits, but he probably would have given up much fewer runs if he didnt give so many free passes to first base. Am I saying he is going to be a dominating force in the bullpen. No. But, if he can cut down on his BB's, he might be a slightly more effective pitcher, even useful pitcher. Same thing applies to Brian Bruney.

-Fred Trigger

Roberto Alejandro said...

true, but the problem with Henn is that it just never seems to pan out. He's always and adjustment or two away from being an effective pitcher, but he never gets there. At some point you just have to accept that while the kid has talent he may not have what it takes to compete at this level. I don't dislike the kid, and I don't want to sound harsh, but how many times do you have to send a guy back down before you conclude that the well is dry?

Anonymous said...

sounds awfully similar to the case with El Guapo, or Craig Hansen (though he is still like, 23) for the red sox. Henn still is only 27, so now wouldnt be the best time to be giving up on him. I mean, who is your other options in the bullpen? Farnsworth? Hawkins? Like I said, definately dont disagree at all with you, but, with the team the yankees have, you can still afford to at least give him another shot, especially in garbage time with the yanks up 10 runs. He does only have 50IN pitched in the big leagues, so maybe he will be better if given a bigger sample size to work with.

To quote the rocket "Again" I agree, but it still cannot hurt the yankees THAT much to give him more of a shot, especially if he develops some control. Which, the lack thereof seemed to hurt him more than anything.

-Fred Trigger

(Great blog by the way, nice to have yankees fans to debate with through the season. Reasonable ones at that).

anonymous number two said...

Sean plus Phil, Joba and Ian? I doubt they all are going to pan out big time.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yes anonymous number 2, but you forgot our secret weapon: Kei Igawa.

Fred Trigger, I think they can give Henn a shot, but I just don't believe he'll perform. He was a starter back in 2005 and got rocked by the Devil Rays. Twice. They made him a reliever in the hope that that would fix everything but it didn't. I just don't know that he'll put it together this year, though he does seem to have the stuff. Its funny, but some people look really hittable but aren't, and some people look really dominant and aren't. Henn is the later in my opinion.

Also, I joke about Igawa, but he was kind of similar to Henn in that he had some moments where he looked really good. He could strike people out, but he gave up too many walks, and perhaps more problematic, too many homeruns. He pitched 6 shut out innings against the Red Sox after he replaced Karsten's that one game. After that, he got lit up.

Anonymous said...

uggghhh. dont bring up that game where Karstens got knocked out after the first pitch and Igawa decided to pitch lights out for the first time in america. The red sox won the world series, but really?!?! To be shut down by some douche wearing terrible sunglasses was just too much.

Anyways, Henn can bring the heat, at least. he can crank it up to 95 if he needs to, i dont think Igawa can even come close to that. If he can, then, Mea Culpa, but until proven otherwise, Henn is better than Igawa.... its not even close.

Side note: Can you believe the yahks posted 20 something million for Igawa? Man, I'd be asking for my money back.

-Fred Trigger

Fernando Alejandro said...

I was never convinced that the Igawa signing was nothing more than a response to the Red Sox getting Matsuzaka. Why they would post that much money for a guy they sort of believed would be a 4th or 5th starter in the majors is beyond me.