Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Joba To Begin Season as Reliever

It is being reported that Joba Chamberlain will begin the season as a reliever due to innings limits on the young pitcher. The plan is to convert Joba to a starter later in the season, after he spends the month of June in the minors preparing for his new role. I suppose this is a good idea. We are all aware of the damage repetitive motion can wreak on your arm. Isn't that right Anonymous 1? Oh snap!

[For context, see comments section of post titled, "Know a Crappy Team: Kansas City Royals"]

Seriously though. I assume the Yankees know what they're doing, we don't need another Kerry Woods. My only concern would be that Joba's got these other pitches we keep hearing about, but having to put them in your back pocket so often can't be good for mastering them and having the confidence in them necessary to throw those pitches at major league hitters. Hopefully it won't be an issue, and frankly, it probably won't be. But if it is, I got dibs on "I told you so."

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