Sunday, February 10, 2008

Carl Pavano Will be Ready for Opening Day!

It appears that Yankees ace Carl Pavano will be ready for opening day...of 2009. Though Pavano realizes that spring 2009 is a bold goal, he has not shied away from making that promise. Back in January we updated everyone on Pavano's come back trail. We reported that he was working out hard for his come back. This was confirmed a few days ago when Pavano was seen at the Yankees minor league complex (one week early) throwing a vigorous bullpen session that lasted all of 12 minutes. He was not wearing his "Pavano Tough All Day" t-shirt, but he was playing the Candy Man soundtrack for reasons unknown. When Shelley Duncan went to turn it off, Pavano was quoted as saying "Say my name in the mirror three times (Expletive Deleted)." Sounds like he wants to pitch!

So in any event, Pavano is coming back, and he is coming back hard. The Yankees are likely to take a long look at his 2009 club option, and then throw it out.


Anonymous said...

I have got to get me one of these "Pavano Tough all day" t-shirts. I love the blog guys, keep up the great work!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Just remember, any man can end up on the DL. It takes a real man to stay on it. Pavano Tough All Day.