Friday, February 8, 2008

Pavano Injury Update

It is being reported that Carl Pavano is in Tampa and has begun to play catch. After his 10 minute session of medium toss Pavano walked over to the Gatorade cooler. He poured himself a cup without incident, but choked a little as some of the Gatorade "went down the wrong pipe." The resultant cough strained Pavano's right oblique muscle. This will tack on at least another month to his rehab program.


PG said...

Classic. What move do you think was worse. Signing Pavano or Kevin Brown?

Roberto Alejandro said...

I don't know. On the one hand Brown was much older and had a history of back problems. He did pitch well for the Dodgers prior to coming to the Yanks but we all know how NL pitching goes. Pavano was at least young, productive, and a guy a lot of teams wanted. I think the thing that makes the Pavano deal worse is that at least with Brown, he wanted to pitch but was just over the hill. You get the sense that Pavano was perfectly happy to sit on the bench and collect $40M (hell, I would be). Not only that but we were stuck for four years (including this one). We might still have to see this guy sitting in our dugout while we pay him millions to rehab.

Anonymous said...

That 'update' cracked me up. Great post. Pavano is a walking Saturday Night Live skit.