Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Cuban Pitcher On Baseball's Radar?

Fidel Castro has resigned as Cuba's President. It is well known that Castro was once a ball player. Is his return to the sport imminent?

If Steinbrenner (George, not Hank) was still running the team you better believe Castro would be on the mound for the Yanks. What with the Mets signing Santana and all, the Yankees would definitely one up them by signing Castro. Sure he's older and rehabbing but that's more or less the type of pitchers Big Stein liked to overpay. With Cashman running things, as it appears he still is, it is unclear whether he will recommend that the franchise make the splash of the year by signing Castro. Only time will tell.


anonymous number two said...

I support free trade with Cuba. Pavano for Castro if they throw in a few dozen cigars.

Roberto Alejandro said...

that deal is a no-brainer, hell, I'd do it for just the cigars.