Saturday, February 9, 2008

Deron Blogs the Mitchell Report

Deron was a shortstop in the Yankees minor league system back in 1995 when a PED scandal ended his career. He brings an insider’s perspective to our blog.

With all the controversy going on between McNamee and Clemens, and now Clemens wife, its obvious that things have gotten out of hand. I for one am very upset about the way the Mitchell Report was approached, and now how things are going with Clemens and McNamee. The Mitchell Report was not comprehensive. I am shocked that I didn't merit a mention in that report. After all the steroids and HGH I did, you figure Mitchell would at least give me a shout out. Instead, the 400+ pages that comprise the report have no mention of me. What do I gotta do to get mentioned in the Mitchell Report? I offered to speak to him, and he turned me down. I offered him evidence of my PED use and he didn't care to see it. What? Because Derek Jeter was picked over me to go into the majors I don't merit a mention in a report about PED use? I mean, Mitchell was well aware of what I did. Just a few years ago Jose Canseco injected me with 'roids while George Mitchell watched and Bud Selig took notes. Despite this, I turn on ESPN on the day the report was released, a day that was suppose to be the biggest day of my life, and what do the headlines say? Clemens and Pettitte used PEDs. No mention of Deron Peter and his rampant PED use. That should be me on capitol hill! McNamee should have my beer can! That should be my wife on the cover of sports illustrated!

It wouldn't hurt so much if it was the first time I didn't merit a mention. Jose Canseco wrote the book "Juiced" and didn't mention me either. So you know what? Screw you Canseco! Screw you George Mitchell! And while I'm at it, screw you Derek Jeter for beating me out at shortstop after I pumped my body full of roids. So what if I can't hit to the opposite field, or do a spin move in the hole to plug a guy at first! I sacrificed my body for baseball! All my muscles grew but something else shrunk! I bet Jeter doesn't have that kind of commitment to baseball! As for Canseco, you're a filthy rat. You promised you'd write about me in your first book, and you didn't. Now you're telling me you'll add me to your second book. Who the crap is going to read your second book! The Mitchell Report is the sequel to Juiced you roided out freak ape! And Mitchell, this is what your report should have said: "Yankees minor league shortstop, Deron Peter used enough PED's to look like an elephant on steroids." Next time you write a crappy report, call me up and I'll give you some pointers, you Red Sox scum bag.


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the steroids not working out or we could all be reading Respect Peter's Gangster or not.

Anonymous said...

worst blog ever.
it's an embarrassment to Yankee fans everywhere