Friday, February 15, 2008

Wang Loses Arbitration Hearing

Wang lost his Arbitration hearing. I suspect its because he's not as gangster as Derek Jeter, who won his Arbitration hearing back in 1999. Jeter had asked for $5 million and the Yankees offered $3.2 million. Of course Jeter was being generous.

If you haven't read Pete Abe's blog he has some updates from Spring training. A good read. The only update we would like to report from Spring training is that Jeter has appeared in camp with more gangster than last season. I know some fans had feared that he would lose some of his gangster over the off season, but the scouts and coaching staff agree that his gangster is not only intact, but stronger than before. Although no one wants to say it out right, the overwhelming feeling in camp is that Jeter's gangster will lead the Yankees to a world series victory in 2008. In other news, Julio Lugo sucks.


Anonymous said...

Wang smokes and chews all in a silk suit. He deserved the extra $600,000. I wonder how gangster Jeter's right knee is?

Fernando Alejandro said...

He did deserve the extra $600,000. I'm surprised his agent couldn't argue that for him. 19 games two seasons running, and they lose the arbitration case? I think he needs Jeter as his agent.

I checked in about your inquiry and it appears Jeter's knee is also still gangster. Much more gangster than Matsui's knee according to various reports.