Thursday, February 21, 2008

A-Rod Says Jeter Will Win MVP

According to Peter Abraham's blog, Alex Rodriguez said that he beleives Derek Jeter will have an MVP season. By my count, he's had several, but this time he might actually win the award. So, to back up A-Rod, we on the "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog also predict an MVP season for Jeter, minus the blond stripper and a confused Blue Jays third baseman.


Roberto Alejandro said...

It's good to see A-Rod respecting Jeter's gangster. We here at the blog applaud that sort of thing. In fairness, though, I'm going to win the MVP.

Anonymous said...

If AROD puts up numbers like he did last year, I would like to see what kind of super human gangster numbers jeter would have to put up to win the award. Maybe if he holds a couple of AK's to the heads of the members of the BBWAA he might have a shot.

-Fred Trigger

Fernando Alejandro said...

Fred Trigger, I would like to see what he does too. I would think he would need to save the BBWAA from a terrorist plot aimed at destroying America's favorite pastime, then have 250 hits with a .400 batting average, and per usual, at least 16 hot chicks dated over the course of the season.