Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Tragedy of Slow News Days

So I haven't posted for a while since there's pretty much been nothing to talk about. I know the papers seem to love to talk about the fact that the Yankees are running but that frankly isn't that interesting. just look at the following headlines:

Rookies Adopt Workout Regimen.

Really? I hope so. It would be good for the Rookies to workout. Now, granted, the article is about the kids working out with Andy Pettitte, but even that is uninteresting. If Andy introduces them to McNamee, then you'll have a story.

Then there was this headline in the New York Times:

Yanks Aim for Giambi to Return to First.

What? The Yanks want their first baseman to play first? Stop the presses! So there it is, the state of Yankees news. Unless you include the daily Roger Clemens "scoop" as news, but that is also uninteresting.

I could write an original story like my brother does from time to time but that's not really my thing. I'm just waiting for the breaking news that Alex and Derek aren't BFFs anymore. I'll be all over that $#!&!

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