Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring Updates

Three pitchers looking for rebounds this season have discussed their goals in a pair of articles on It looks like Kyle Farnsworth is on the comeback trail and both Kei Igawa and Brian Bruney are right there with him. Getting those guys to pitch well will be a welcomed change for the Yankees. I still remember how good Bruney pitched in 2006. Farnsworth had his moments that season too. I always felt that Igawa struck out a lot of players, but gave up too many homeruns for the strikeouts to mean anything.

On Bryan Hoch's blog it is reported that Pavano left camp today wearing a "Bongs not Bombs" T-shirt. What a guy. We at the "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog have found out that that is his going out shirt. He must have a date tonight.


Bucky7588 said...

what do you guys think about shelly duncan? looking at his stats from last season, they're better than everyone else's. will he make the team? the yankees could use that energy.

Roberto Alejandro said...

Hard to say at this point but I think Shelly makes the team. If he can become a little more disciplined he'd be an asset at first because of his power. Also, the fact that he can play first and outfield is a big plus when you have two guys in Matsui and Damon who were less than 100% last year. But who knows, with about 14 first basemen in camp it's anybody's guess as to who will get the job.