Saturday, February 23, 2008

Slow News No News

I forgot to/didn't care enough to mention this before but the Yankees got rained out today. They had a vigorous training session in doors complete with a Chutes & Ladders tournament, and table football. Later, Mussina hooked up his old school Nintendo and they had Donkey Kong tournaments. Things got a little out of hand when Mussina called Pavano a "Donkey Kong Barrel Thrower" and he took offense. Apparently, Pavano doesn't like people mentioning him throwing things because it increases the likelihood of him being re injured. Things got under control after Girardi grabbed Pavano's control and scored 1200 points. Jeter scored 8 million. Alex Rodriguez, always known for his intense work outs, was seen squeezing away at a hand grip. He was at 148,993 squeezes at last count. Joba and Phil painted themselves the same color as the cinder block walls and tried to sneak out early by moving along the walls. They almost made it out but the wall changes color 9 feet from the exit. To keep his arm loose, Wang would walk up behind different teammates and slap them in the back of the head. They would protest, and he would pretend not to understand them. The players were not allowed to leave until they could all beat Girardi in a thumb war, which took a while since Girardi is the thumb war champion of the world. A distinction he earned in the Thumb War World Series where he defeated Ronald "Tower Thumb" Gordon from Great Britain who has a 7 inch thumb.


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when does "know they enemy: Centerfield" come out?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Monday. Weekends I take kind of slow. Not that writing an entry on a website is particularly high pace, but I like to stay away from much comparative analysis. Thus this post about nothing.