Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clemens v. McNamee

Clemens has taken another shot at McNamee's story in the Mitchell report by handing over evidence that he never attended the party at Canseco's house that McNamee mentioned in the report. There's a signed affidavit from Canseco saying he was never there, and there's some video footage of television announcers discussing the party and mentioning that Clemens was not present. McNamee's lawyer is saying that perhaps Clemens' was not there the entire time, but he was definetely there, as were his wife and kids. Great.

In a completely unrelated note, I wanted to point out that the blog is coming of age! We finally received our first hate message, which can be read in the previous posts comments section. We have had 3500 views in the first month of this blogs existence, but a hate message really puts us on another level. So thank you all who have checked out the blog! We will continue to respect Jeter's gangster, and invite you all to respect it with us.

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