Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cashman Expresses Excitement in Phone Conversation with RJG

I spoke to Cashman via satellite video phone earlier today and this is how our conversation went:

RJG: Bronny Cash! How's it going!

BC: Excited to be back with the Yankees.

RJG: It's not all about you Bronny.

[click at the other end]

Needless to say, Cashman is clearly excited to be back with the Yankees and that we got a hold of his satellite video phone number.


Anonymous said...

The White Sox has AL Central crown while the Yankees have Cashman, for three more years.
That's what I call PATHETIC.

Mark McCray said...

Hey Fernando, great Blog. I don't know why you aren't in my Blogroll. You want to exchange links?!

Mark M.
The Bronx Stop

Fernando Alejandro said...

I take it you're not too big on Cashman, Raven.

Mark, I got you!

Anonymous said...

The Cash Man said he wants to fix what he started. I'm ready. Like HOW?

Anonymous said...

Like HOW?
Like helping our beloved Igawa clinch the 2009 Cy Young award.
Like messing up Joba's shoulder.
Like signing bench players famous for not being able to create RBI.
Like spending hell of money on Igawa No.2 while using every excuse in the universe to cut down Chien-ming Wang's salary.