Friday, September 5, 2008

When's Moose's Next Start?

I know the answer, but I won't tell you. I will give you a hint however and say that it will be approximately 5 days from his previous start. Now, I haven't given up on the season, but the plan of gaining a game a week and then sweeping the Red Sox at Fenway in the final series of the year is a little problematic. Besides the Yankees playing awful baseball all season long, they also have a rotation that consists mostly of fill-ins. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing Moose pitch again. I am really pulling for his 20 wins and a start against Seattle could certainly be a catalyst for this. Other things I'm interested to see are Jeter pulling his average above .300, A-Rod passing himself on the all time homerun list, Alfredo Aceves starting a game, and Phil Hughes taking a bite out of crime by bringing down a large scale drug distribution ring known for their rampant violence and for wearing grocho masks to confuse the authorities. What are you looking forward to seeing this season?


Anonymous said...

im looking forward to seeing kei igawa take another shot at winning a big league game in 2008
and carl pavano injuring himself while removing his glove

Fernando Alejandro said...

Not bad. The Igawa dream might not happen, but at this pace you never know.

Anonymous said...

Late season collapse for the Mets(Let's go Phillies!).
Youk the Ugly gets abducted by aliens and has a free plastic surgery.

BTW, say aye if you think Raul Ibanez and Jiminy Cricket are identical twins.

Anonymous said...

Remember our lucky squirrel?
It has moved to another ball park.