Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mussina Wins 17th In Route to 20

The Good

Mussina got the win after pitching 6 innings of 2 run ball. He struck out 8 and only walked one. Marte-Chamberlain-Giese combined to throw 3 shutout innings. A-Rod hit a solo homerun to tie Mike Schmidt on the all time homerun list. Damon had a pair of hits.

The Bad

Abreu and Molina went hitless yesterday with the latter going 0-3 with 3 strikeouts, but far worse is Jeter who went 1-5, which is unexcusable. He better go 7-7 today and hit for the cycle.

The Ugly

Chamberlain was back in the bullpen yesterday, and made his first appearance since the injury. His velocity was down, which is to be expected, and he wasn't particularly sharp, but that comes with the process. The only upsetting part of it is that he's back in the bullpen. It seems the Yankees will need to build up his innings once more.

Respect Jeter's Gangster is for the Children

The "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog joined Johnny Damon's home run club, which raises money for the Children's Health Fund. We are pledged to donate $1.00 for every homerun the Yankees hit this season. We will keep a running tally of the home runs hit and the money donated throughout the season. Nady and A-Rod both hit homeruns, and they both crushed the pitches. Nady hit the catwalk on his.

Melky Cabrera 8hr = $8.00
Alex Rodriguez 30hr = $30.00
Hideki Matsui 9 hr = $9.00
Bobby Abreu 15hr = $15.00
Jorge Posada 3hr = $3.00
Jason Giambi 28hr = $28.00
Johnny Damon 12hr = $12.00
Morgan Ensberg 1hr = $1.00
Robinson Cano 13hr = $13.00
Chad Moeller 1hr = $1.00
Wilson Betemit 5hr = $5.00
Derek Jeter 8hr = $8.00
Shelley Duncan 1hr = $1.00
Xavier Nady 9hr = $9.00
Jose Molina 2 hr = $2.00
Ivan Rodriguez 2hr = $2.00
Richie Sexson 1hr = $1.00
Cody Ransom 2hr= $2.00
Total = $149.00

If you are interested in Johnny Damon's Homerun Club or the Children's Health Fund you can find links to both at the top right hand corner of our page.


Bucky7588 said...

with all due respect to Jeter's you think that hes starting to decline drastically? his offense has been lackluster, and we know his defense isn't as great as it was...does he only have a few more years?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Maybe, but knowing Jeter he'll bat .330 with 40 doubles next season and put that notion to rest. His defense in my opinion has been better this year than last. He seems to have a bit more range this season. Eventually, age will catch up to him, and he will need a position change, but for the next couple seasons I think he'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jeter is declining just yet. His numbers suffered a bit this year between the quad injury and that hit he took on the hand. His numbers have climbed back up lately. He had an unbelievable August where he performed to his typical numbers.

If you look at it by the month, he had a bad April (where he missed a week due to the quad). He improved slightly in May, but was probably still affected somewhat. He had a real good June, but sunk a bit in July (when he missed 5 days, due to the hand if I'm not mistaken). And as I said, August was huge.

He's going to finish below his career numbers, but if he has a good September, his numbers will remain very respectable for this season. Assuming he stays healthy, I don't think he's declined yet. This year's drop was due to injury (which he played through, where most would take DL stints and not let their numbers suffer).