Monday, September 15, 2008

Maybe They Should Listen to Posada This Time

There is an article on on Posada, his recovery, and his thoughts about what the 2009 Yanks should look like. He is very adamant that the Yanks need to sign to top line starters and that Joba should be a reliever.

Last season Posada mentioned that the Yanks needed to sign Santana because he felt they needed a true number one. The Yankees chose to keep a couple of kids who won't be helping us any time soon (and that includes next year) and we've all seen what happened.

Maybe Posada is onto something here. Perhaps the Yankees should listen this time. I mean, it can't hurt. They totally mismanaged Joba's role change and they would have to do the same thing next year if he was to start since he didn't have enough innings this year. He's a great reliever, and while I prefer to see him as a starter, that assumes he can be a starter and stay healthy. I prefer a future Mo to a future Pavano, that's all I'm saying.

When we lost Wang, we lost the season. We couldn't piece together the amount of wins we needed to make October without him, especially with Pettitte being so inconsistent late in the year (or is the word horrible?). I think Pos is right about us needing to sign two top starters so that there are no question marks in the rotation come next year. I'm not very confident either Hughes or Kennedy will be great starters ever (though I'm slightly more optimistic about Hughes), so I think we need two starters. I know. Build from within, blah blah blah. I guess it turns out it's not quite that easy. Should be an interesting winter.


TribeGirl said...

Begin with CC...Since the Tribe traded him, the least the Yankees could do is pay him what he's worth!!!

Michael Kay was talking about this shizzle tonight during the game. Of course he's in the middle of it because it happened during his interview with him for an upcoming centerstage so he had to take some credit for himself. Is it just me, cuz I can't stand Michael Kay? Do people in New York like him??? I'm just curious.

Anyways, the Yankees better be on CC like flies on ......

Broken Arrow said...

"I prefer a future Mo to a future Pavano, that's all I'm saying."

I'm sold. I was solidly in the starter camp for a long time, but that line got me, you old smoothie you.

Maybe Joba becomes a two-inning set up man for Mo until he retires..??

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

The Yanks will sign CC I suspect, to a boatload of money (literally a yacht filled with cash).

As for Kay, I certainly have heard ppl express annoyance at what they perceive to be his anti-yankee attitudes. I don't mind him myself but the tendency seems to be strong feelings one way or the other.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

That's not a bad idea Broken Arrow. At this point we should definitely be thinking about who will replace Mo. And I know they got some kid they're trying to prepare for that role but we know Joba can pitch the hell out of an inning, and we've seen how much we can rely on prospects. Also, having him pitch two innings as a set up man will prepare him for all those multi inning saves Rivera is regularly called upon to perform.

TribeGirl said...

Michael Kay doesn't come across to me as anti-Yankee, although he does hate A-Rod. He just talks to much. Not literally, since he's an announcer, but he's one of those "Mr. Me" guys. Hard to explain, I just can't stand him.

I think in the long run, Joba should be a starter as long as he can stay healthy. BTW, I didn't know much about Joe G. as a coach with the Marlins, but I remember hearing that he ruined a couple arms on the Marlins. Anything to this???

Fernando Alejandro said...

"BTW, I didn't know much about Joe G. as a coach with the Marlins, but I remember hearing that he ruined a couple arms on the Marlins. Anything to this???"

Yeah, some of his young pitchers went down with injuries after he left. The most prominent of these is probably Anibal Sanchez. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the Yankees since they've been very strict about innings and not to mention all the kids have been injured anyway.

Bucky7588 said...

notice now that the season is over, the yankees seem to be winning?

the logistics of signing C.C. are pretty positive this year too...the yanks will be dumping a boatload of cash (they're going to sink a yacht filled with cash too) so they can offer C.C. double what he wants.

I don't think we should give up on Hughes. With Kennedy, there were def. shenanigans about his ability, but we've seen Hughes do it, for all we know, he could have been pitching with a broken rib all season, and thats why he sucked!

Fernando Alejandro said...

I don't think we can give up on either of those guys. To be honest, the Yankees mismanaged them. Kennedy and Hughes combined had less than half a season of big league experience, and yet they were called upon to step up and be big league starters for 2008. I don't think that's a good model for player development. We'll see if they can regain their confidence and step up next season.