Monday, September 8, 2008

Big Announcement to Make

I've decided that my brother and I should have new, baseball themed, names. From here on out, I am "Robbie Fingers." My brother will forthwith be known as "Fernie Banks." If you don't know who we've based these names on, please jump off of something really really high. But not too high, we just want to teach you a lesson. All comments should be directed to Fernie Banks and/or Robbie Fingers. For example, you might say, "Hey Fernie Banks, I see the Yanks won't be playing in the World Series this year, just like your name sake never did. Yay!" Now that you know how to leave comment in a proper fashion, please refrain from using our real names, which we foolishly included in our blogger profiles. Whoops!


TribeGirl said...

Hi guys - it's me TribeGirl! I just got released from the looney bin I was carted off to after CC was traded off to the Brewers for "prospects" and nothing else, and thus ended our season right then and there!!! I have been monitoring the Gangter blog everyday and have noticed your slow demise into crazytown, and you are now officially there too. Welcome.....I feel your pain. What's the saying - there's always next year? I told myself, at least I still have my Yankees, but it appears they have gone down the drain too. This years post season is officially going to SUCK!!! Hmmm.....GO BROWNS???? Where's my valium?????

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Hey TribeGirl! Good to have you back. We're not crazy, at least not until some sort of doctor or judge says so. We all should have baseball names. Names baseball like have should we.

Looks like both our teams will be home this October. What can we do? At least you can rest assured knowing that CC will be pitching for us next year. That way, by keeping up with the blog it will also be like you're keeping up with the first half of 2008 Indians. That way, everybody wins.

Fred Trigger said...

I wouldnt be too upset about CC being traded, tribegirl. The Indians couldnt afford him, even though they offered him a very reasonable extension. Plus one of the "prospects" they got was Matt Laporta who projects to be a 40HR guy in the majors. Only time will tell if they made out on this or not, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Can Cliff Lee remains this dominant next season?
That's really something to watch for.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Tribegirl, long time! I was just asking about you not too long ago. Yeah, the Yankees sure did collapse pretty hard. Everyone except Joe Girardi have accepted the defeat. I don't really care that they get 4th place so long as they get Moose his 20. It can be the only 3 games they win for the rest of this season as long as they do that.

Cliff Lee may have figured out how to pitch in the majors. The question is, have major league hitters figured out how to hit Cliff Lee. So far this season, the answer is no. I think he'll be good next season, but his here is a career year for him.

I think I'm now rooting for the Rays. First playoff appearance and everything. Plus, I like Carl Crawford and feel that he's been underrated for several years now.

Anonymous said...

We finally had a brawl but alas Krazy Kyle was not around to show us really astounding bodyslamming skill.
What a shame.

Carl Crawford's injury may keep him sidelined in October.
I hope the Cubs can finally break the Billy Goat Curse this year.
But right now I'm rooting for both Jamie Moyer and Larry Bowa.

Anonymous said...

And yesterday's Gem of Wisdom Award went to Brian Bruney.
"Who cares about the fight? We got our butts kicked.”

Steve said...

Hey Fernie and Robbie, all last night's fight proved was that pudge can't hit in pinstripes or punch for that matter. Was that a, "I'll scratch your eyes out you bitch" swing or what. Even Mike Piazza was quoted as saying "butch it up Ivan"

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, that brawl seemed completely pointless, and Pudge's open handed slap attempt didn't look to good. In his defense however, have you ever punched a helmet? It kind of hurts.

TribeGirl said...

It was a lame fight....everyone was trying to break it up instead of getting in there and taking out this season's frustrations on the Angels (and Torri Hunter's "witch" move by pushing Pudge in the back). THAT would have been awesome.....why not? We have nothing else to lose? Carl Pavano can get re-injured. Moose would HAVE to pitch every game since everyone else would be suspended, thus guaranteeing him 20 wins. Jeter would not be suspended because the even the Angels would fight on his behalf that he was trying to keep the peace. And of course, you Yankee fans being how you are, A-Rod would get blamed for all of it!!!

BTW - I want to start rooting for the Rays, but then I'm scared I'll jinx them! They remind me of the 1995 Tribe!

Fernando Alejandro said...

See I would like to see a brawl if the Yankees were playing meaningful games. Right now, with the Yankees so far out of contention, a fight would look too artificial. Forced even. The only joy left in the season is seeing Aceves start his first game, and seeing if Moose can get to 20.

As for the Rays, you don't have to worry about cursing them. They've already lost 6 of their 7 games in September. So if you start rooting for them, and they keep doing bad, you can say they were already doing bad when you began pulling for them, if by chance they start doing better, you can say it was you gracing presence that turned around their horrible September. I'm telling you, only positives can come out of you rooting for the Rays right now.