Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yankee Offense Losses Game

The Good

Pettitte pitched a great game, keeping the Orioles within striking distance with 7 innings of 3 run ball.  Jeter and Cano both drove in runs, and gave us hope. 

Robertson had a great yet unorthodox outing.  He basically only threw curveballs to the first two batters he faced, and they did not know what to do with that.  And then on his third batter, Reynolds, he started throwing the fastball.  All three batters were caught off guard.

The Bad

That hope provided by Cano and Jeter was never realized.  The Yankees continued to leave lots of player on base, and in scoring position.  Swisher and Granderson came up in big spots and did nothing with their at bats.  The problem is what we've been dealing with all season: the heart of our lineup is full of guys who can hit the ball far, but not when you need them to.

The Ugly

A-Rod needs to get back on the PED's quick!  A-Rod struck out twice, including the last out of the game.  A-Rod's bat looks like it can't catch up to major league pitching anymore.  I'm hoping that he can start hitting, but these games matter a little too much to keep an underperforming bat in the 3-spot.

We Win With Homeruns

And we didn't hit any yesterday, so that means both the Yankees and the Children lose.

Russel Martin 1hr = $2

Total Postseason Homeruns 1hr = $2


CSS said...

Now I'm no major league manager with a library full of binders, but can we get Ibanez into the line up? And someone please give joe the 2012 binder on A Rod, it's not funny anymore.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I thought it was weird to see Nunez keep coming up in big situations. I realize his left-handed splits may not be great, but I'd much rather see Ibanez (or Chavez) up in those situations. With our tendencies to go quiet offensively, we can't afford Nunez playing nine innings. He doesn't have the power to justify the frequency of his choking unlike Ibanez and Chavez.

sky said...