Tuesday, January 27, 2009

17 Days, 17 Players: Andy Pettitte

Everyday until spring training begins the "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog will review one player from the Yankees roster. We will review a total of 25 players, the 25 we believe will be on the active roster after spring training. Our reviews are all edited by Carl Pavano himself to insure they're up to the stringent "Pavano Tough" standards.

We were going to continue reviewing our outfield, but with the recent Pettitte signing I think its just as good to cover him. Pettitte recently signing a $5.5 million deal with incentives that can bring it up to $12 million. These incentives are not difficult to reach, if he stays healthy. The incentives are as follows:

150 Innings Pitched: $500,000
160 Innings Pitched: $500,000
170 Innings Pitched: $500,000
180 Innings Pitched: $750,000
190 Innings Pitched: $750,000
200 Innings Pitched: $750,000
120 Days on the Active 25-man Roster: $100,000
130 Days on the Active 25-man Roster: $200,000
140 Days on the Active 25-man Roster: $250,000
150 Days on the Active 25-man Roster: $250,000
160 Days on the Active 25-man Roster: $400,000
170 Days on the Active 25-man Roster: $400,000
180 Days on the Active 25-man Roster: $400,000

If he were to stay healthy all season, it would be reasonable to expect that he would hit all these incentives. So how will Pettitte do? There is no doubt that Pettitte betters this team immensly, and that the Yankees are in a far greater position with him on the team, then with him off it. Last season was not a good one for Pettitte. He struggled throughout the season and ended with a 4.54 ERA and a 14-14 record. His second half was abysmal. It was largely understood that his faulty season was a result of a hurt shoulder, thus the wisdom in giving an incentive laden contract. Despite his troubles, Pettitte did throw 204 innings last season, and 204 innings of a bad Pettitte are still better than 204 innings of most of the pitchers we would use to replace him with.

My Fearless Prediction:

Its hard to foresee Pettitte being injury free next season. I think that he'll pitch far better than he did this past season, something to the tune of a 3.86 ERA and at least 14 wins. I do think he will miss time with an injury, but don't think it will be more than a few starts. He'll be absolutely stellar in the post season.

Little Known Pettitte Fact:

The show Walker Texas Ranger is loosely based on the life of Andy Pettitte.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was doing real good when I unearthed the Walker connection with Andy, but I should have known you guys would be on top of it. And before me, I'm sure.
I will miss seeing, since he'll have so much to lose from an injury or suspension, the sight of Andy in the middle of one of those bench clearing brawls, and after 30 seconds of his spin kicks the entire other team, including the coaching staff, lying on the ground in pain while he tips his hat and humbly walks back to the dugout.New Stadium, new traditions, I suppose.
Not a bad contract, really, though it will encourage him to pitch even if he's strained enough that he really shouldn't.
I would have liked to see it come closer to what he wanted if he Moose's up and drags up a blaze of glory to go out in. But, his World Series share should cover that. and secure his place in history.
I am relieved in large part because, though I hate to think about it, I'm worried about Joba making it through the whole season.
We may still see the rotation being Wang, CC, AJ, Andy, and The Usual Suspects.
Which still beats the hell out of last year.


Anonymous said...

Famous last words: if he stays healthy.

Fernando Alejandro said...

The tip off was when I saw Andy wearing cowboy boots on the mound. I had to look into it.

Andy's new contract will give him more incentive to pitch when injured, but he already does that. Now he'll get paid to do it.

Joba's inning limits will be a problem, but if they play it right, we'll add a valuable bullpen piece late in the season while giving a youngster a shot at the rotation. I just hope we don't lose Burnett for the whole season.

Injury is always the biggest question with any player, even more so with someone who has a history of injury. Last season, Andy pitched with the bum shoulder, and after the season there was no mention of surgery, or any procedures, so I don't the injury was too severe. Hopefully, whatever it was, healed. Still I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one trip to the DL, if only for 15 days. I just hope he's fine come playoffs.