Friday, January 16, 2009

Cashman Strikes Again

A number of months ago we released a report regarding Cashman's insensitive way of handling demotions. Several Yankee players stepped foward and told their side of the story, and we had hoped that more players would find the courage to break their silence about the abuse. No other players stepped forward until now.

"After I cleared waivers, and realized that I'd be staying with the Yankees next season, I decided I had to report this." Explained Shelley Duncan who had been sent down to Triple A after breaking spring training with the big league club.

Shelley Duncan, much like the others we reported on, feels that Cashman was rather insulting and unnecessarily demeaning in the way he handled his demotion. Duncan still remembers the day Yankees Manager Joe Girardi called him into his office in graphic detail.

"Joe [Girardi] called me into his office after the game. I walked in hoping that they would keep me on the club just a little longer to prove myself. I came in and Cashman was sitting at Girardi's desk, so I quickly tried to start persuading him to let me stay. But right when I started talking I heard this overpowering drum pounding. It sounded like that "Lip Gloss is Popping" song. Cashman locked eyes with me and stood up from his chair slowly as the beat continued. Then, revealing a microphone he was keeping behind his back, he started rapping the words to the song, only he had made up his own lyrics. I don't remember much of it, but the chorus was like: "Your big bat ain't poppin', your big bat ain't cool. I put you on the roster, and now I look like a fool. Your big bat ain't cool, your big bat ain't poppin'. The bus leaves in 5 minutes, in Scranton it be stoppin'." I was shocked. I tried to argue my side, but Cashman wasn't even listening to me. He just kept dancing and wagging his finger at me. Then he kept singing "Yooouuuuuur biiiiiiiiiig baaaaaaaat, ain't poppin'. Ain't poppin'. Ain't poppin'. Ain't poppin'." I tried to get up to leave to catch the bus, but he cut me off, and stood in front of me shaking his head and wagging his finger at me until the beat finally ended. I almost missed the bus."

Despite Duncan's humiliation, Cashman did not stop there. As Duncan explained:

"I had been down in Scranton a couple weeks when I received a package from the big league club. I thought maybe it was a card or something from the guys wishing me luck, but when I opened it up it was a CD. I put it in and heard that same beat start playing. Apparently he was recording the entire time he was doing it. I could even hear myself trying to argue with him in the background. He included an instrumental and an accapela version on the CD, and I'm pretty sure he had it digitally mastered for optimal sound quality. It really seemed excessive."

We agreed.

As of the press release, Cashman has not returned phone calls regarding this situation.


Raven King said...

Am I the only one who think Shelley should send that CD to the American Idol audition?
just imagine the headline of the New York Times:
Bronny Cash, the American Idol!

Fernando Alejandro said...

I love it! Bronny Cash would ace the competition.

Anonymous said...

we need to get in touch with hank about this

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Shelley will bribe somebody to stay with the big club in '09. This has to be his last chance, right?

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS GUYS!!!!! seriously.../ I hate demotions, esspecialy of cool guys. I was torn up when melky got sent down, but he totaly needed it. Watching Shelley on yankees on deck, he seemed real cool and down to he and melky told them rays who they were messing with during ST ..i hope Dunky and Melky come back better then ever next season.

Anonymous said...

oh, and for the record, the song is called simply "Lipgloss" by lilmama... you guys might not be up on the latest (or in that songs case; older) hip hop scene, but consider me your ambassador..gotta get you guys into some old school Cameo. (thank jeter for my obbsession with cameo!!)

Raven King said...

Maybe Bronny Cash can also do a little Tom Cruise Dance?

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I was thinking, good call! That is so funny.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Ruthie, glad you liked it! I figured I would give a descriptive title for the song instead of its real title, since a lot of people may not get the reference if I just say "lip gloss". Especially people who don't really listen to hiphop music but may have heard the song on the radio.

Raven, I really gotta go watch Tropic Thunder!