Monday, January 5, 2009

Pettitte Rejects Yankee Offer

It looks like Pettitte has rejected the Yankees 1 year $10 million offer that has been sitting on the table for some time now. According to the report, he still wants to pitch for the Yankees, but the money just isn't right. The Yankees could use Pettitte however, and given his post season performances, it may be very wise to sign him. Would he take a 1 year $12 million contract? Probably not, but at least the Yankees tried in that scenario. The report speculates that Pettitte may be wondering why the Yankees are trying to scale back his deal while spending a combined $243.4 million on Sabathia and Burnett. The Yankees are likely wondering why a pitcher who struggled mightily last season, and was largely ineffective would be shocked to be offered a paycut. The report also speculates that Pettitte could consider retirement, but its just speculation.

I know that Pettitte wants to hold out for more money, and that its his right to do so as a free agent, but at some point this needs to be worked out. The New York Times quotes Pettitte from last season as saying:

“Obviously anyone else would say, ‘I’ll go wherever I want to,’ because people want to try to get the most money, but, I mean, I’m not going anywhere, you know what I’m saying? The Yankees know me enough, it’s not like I’m going to hold out. I guess if I had spent all my money or whatever, it might be different. But it’s not about that, really, anymore.”

What changed?


Anonymous said...

In response to Pettitte's rejection, I reject Pettitte. Get lost. Pettitte and the Yanks are now even for the whole mess in 2003.

Anonymous said...

I guess the only logical explaination is that he must've spent it all since then..

Raven King said...

Truth is, not everybody can take a 37.5 percent paycut.
Especially when you have four kids' college fund to think about in this unrelenting tide of economic recession.

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's one expensive college if $10 million can't cover it.

Just saying, he didn't pitch his $16 million's worth last season.

Anonymous said...

Everyone not named Sabathia, Burnett, Teixeira, K-Rod, and Manny is taking a paycut this year. I'm starting to understand more and more how stupid Pettitte really is. Not much common sense there. What other offers are on the table? Someone really going to give him more than $10M? If so, best of luck. I won't blame him for taking a better offer, but don't act so insulted. Or does he forget that he's wrapped in an HGH scandal that was supposedly responsible, at least in part, for keeping his arm healthy. And the Yankees stood by him during all that. Again, if you can make more money, I won't hold it against you, but if you think you're in the right for standing on some sort of principle here, you're dead wrong.