Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pettitte Just Take the Money!

At this point I'm just not sure what Pettitte wants. Its being reported that the Yankees and Pettitte are still in negotiations. He is basically still refusing the Yankees offer only now its been valued at $10.5 million, a slight increase over the original $10 million offer. Now, you or I would kill to have a $500,000 pay increase, since that would be an increase of 1500% of what you and I would make for a year. However, in baseball money its a slap in the face, and in Yankee money, its like peeing on someones head. So now, Pettitte still won't take the deal, because he still doesn't think he should take a $5.5 million pay cut. This would make more sense if he had some offers on the table. His people said he had a $13 million per year, 3-year contract from some team, but if he truly had it, I'm not sure why he hasn't signed. I'm sure this team would have settled for 1 year at $13 million. So it does appear that Pettitte's agents were bluffing, but Pettitte still doesn't want to sign. Here's my solution: don't sign him. Let him go unemployed next season, or sign with another team for less money. I know the Yankees would be better with him, but he's being difficult at this point. Now if Pettitte would settle for $11 million, I think the Yankees should bite, but by the sounds of it, Pettitte wants something much closer to, if not the full amount of, the $16 million he made last season. Pettitte should take the money, or just stop this whole charade. If he has a better offer, he should just take it. Otherwise, $10.5 million is a lot of money, and Yankee fans are not on your side.

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